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Count your Blessings

I have heard this saying all my life. Count your blessings. I think the concept of remembering what you have and being thankful for it is something we should not take lightly. It is often difficult to remember the good in your life when things are not going well. When you feel like the world […]

Be Kind

One of the easiest ways we can be decent humans is simply by being kind. We don’t have to preempt kindness with any condition. Just be kind. If the recipient of your kindness is not kind in return, that is not your concern. Just be kind. If you can’t be quiet, be kind. Be that […]

Accept Differences

Wouldn’t the world be a dull place to live if we were all the same? It is our differences that make us unique. If everyone you knew thought the same way you think, spoke the same way you speak, loved the same things you love, there would be no fulfillment of dreams. Goals would not […]

A Step Mother’s Manifesto

This is in part a public promise to my family and a soapbox stand for anyone who wants the right to love your spouse’s children. Why is it that the stepmother is portrayed as the evil one in the fairy tale? That is often the furthest from the truth of reality. Most stepmothers want only […]


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About Me

My mission is to share my no B.S. approach to Christianity through my writing by building a platform that attracts the derelicts and outliers in this world. I look to find the humans who traditional Christianity has broken and hurt. Humans who know that there must be more to life than this and more to God than we have been lead to believe. Those humans are my tribe. 


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