What is “No B.S. Christianity”?

B.S means one thing to most people. Bull Sh**t. Well, yes it means that, but when someone says to me, “oh, you’re a Christian” and they have a certain look in their eye, that “um hum. I know your type” look accompanied by a smirk, B.S. means something else altogether. I just know that they are judging me by the stereotype, by what they think a Christian is, a completely different meaning of B.S comes to my mind.

B.S. means Brutally Suffocating.

Christianity has evolved into a package that does not fit me and many humans like me at all. It is too tight and confining. There is an expectation that I am to be single-minded on things that seem to be in conflict with the teachings of the man whom the religion was named for, Jesus Christ. 

I love Jesus Christ, what he stood for, what he commanded and what he did. I don’t love what humans did to his teachings. The traditional Christian church rules that say I can’t think for myself. It is presented to me in a passive form of bending me into compliance.

It sounds something like this, “Here, sit in this Sunday school class or this Bible study on Wednesday, as well as twice on Sunday, and we will tell you what the Bible means, what Christianity really is. We will tell you what to believe. If you think it means something different, you are wrong.”

No, that does not work for me. Does that type of Christianity work for you? If so, you will not like this next bit and might as well stop reading. 

We are commanded to be like Christ. I don’t see that when I look at mainstream Christianity. What I see are mega churches and small churches that turn away those who need Christian charity the most. I see dull services that worked to attract pew-sitters fifty years ago but now are dusty words twisted by man to fit church doctrine. I see people spewing hate and bigotry when we are commanded by our Lord to love everyone. No conditions. What I do see are sick churches that are stagnant, stuck on tradition, and loveless. 

Too many churches want me to change to fit in their family. Not to reflect the biblical Jesus, but other broken and manipulated Christians. They say through their requirements and doctrines, “No, we will love you when you change your clothes, your language, your desires and leave your common sense at the door. Then we will love you. When you look like us, talk like us and think like us, you can be a part of our church family.  Thank you for being compliant.”

Churches are dying. Why?

They are not reflecting Christ in a broken lost world, they are no longer relevant. Society sees modern Christianity for what it is, a method for manipulating people.

When a pastor has a multimillion-dollar home and stands in a pulpit every week preaching charity, something is wrong, big wrong.

When Christians refuse to help a person because of who they choose to share a bed with, something is wrong. 

When a Christian charity, a nonprofit is paying the staff 50k a year while children are living in the streets right outside the doors, something is wrong.

When other good children can quote the Bible word for word, but can’t tell you what it means, can spout church doctrine like the ABCs, disrespectfully correct adults for “getting it wrong” and are allowed to treat others as beneath them, because they don’t go to church, something is wrong.

We need Christianity with none of the B.S. We need to refocus on Christ and his teachings, in pure untwisted ways that answer the wrongs in this modern life, in our church, and on our streets.

There is another way to do church. There is a way to change perception when someone says they are a Christian.

What did Jesus teach? He did not teach hate, not arrogance, not bigotry, greed or manipulation. Jesus taught love.

Matthew 22:37–40
Jesus said to him, “‘You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind.’ This is the greatest and first commandment. And a second is like it: ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.”

My mission is to share my no B.S. approach to Christianity through my writing by building a platform that attracts the derelicts and outliers in this world. I look to find the humans who traditional Christianity has broken and hurt. Those humans are my tribe. 

This publication, parts of my blog housed on my website, and some of my books are my humble offerings to the cause of spreading authentic Christian love and Christianity without the B. S.

~Love, Lori 


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